Welcome to NEXO!

Started in 2001, we are a team of native teachers specialised in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
We hold university degrees and train continuously so as to always be able to offer our students the best. We are guided by cultural exchange and an approach to societies through their own language.
For that reason, we have been adding a group of native English and other language teachers since 2010.

.What do we do?

We offer Spanish and other language classes.
Our students immerse themselves in their chosen language and its culture.


Our classes are personalised according to the interests and needs of each student.
Individual and group classes.
Communicative language teaching.
Interaction with native speakers and real-life situations.


At the location designated by the student.
  • in-company
  • at home
  • in coffee shops
  • in parks
  • others


Our schedules are flexible and tailored to each student’s availability.

.Who are we?

Native teachers with a solid training specifically geared towards teaching languages as a second or foreign language.